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Mindfulness meditation and all of the fun and useful tools that you can learn in these classes are available to help you feel more ease and balance.  You will have the opportunity to let go or “let be” and ask yourself, “What do I need right now?” Creating this balance in your daily life involves kindness to yourself, to others, and to the situation. 


The Mind-Body Connection

A Beginners Mindfulness Meditation Series

A 5 week beginner’s mindfulness meditation series offered weekly.   This will be a welcoming space with a small group and it will be interactive.   The classes will focus on educating and guiding you through meditations and teaching you many tools to use on your own during meditation and in your daily life.


This is an opportunity to learn and practice some new strategies that will help you be less reactive, more resilient, calmer, more focused, sleep better, and to have less stress.  

Upcoming Series

currently offering individual

& private group classes 

Beyond the Basics

Beyond the Basics

Expanding Your Practice

A variety of 5-6 week series are offered throughout the year.  These classes are ideally suited for someone who has taken The Mind-Body Connection or if you already have a regular practice….even if it’s not steady. These classes will be enriching, useful, and maybe most importantly, fun!

Upcoming Series 

currently offering individual 

& private group classes

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The Details


I offer a welcoming space with a small group and it will be interactive. If you would like to sign up or have any questions before committing, please reach out. I want to hear how your practice is going and am happy to give feedback, as desired.    


All classes will take place online via Zoom. Please give yourself ample time to arrive and get settled.


Classes meet weekly for 1 hour with the first and last classes scheduled for 75 minutes.  Specific starting dates vary. Please fill out this form to express interest or get more details on upcoming series.



I like thinking about the act of generosity and knowing that what feels right for each person is unique, especially during unusual conditions. You should not be giving an amount (whether monetarily, your time, or your presence) that feels too comfortable or one that causes suffering. Thus, finding the balance that works best for you.

Mindfulness meditation classes are on a donation basis with these suggested amounts:

  • $30 per class

  • $150 for a 5-week course

  • $180 for a 6-week course

  •  $100 for an hour long private session

Venmo is preferred @Cara-Steinberg or if you choose to pay by check, please feel free to email me.


Most importantly, I will never turn away a student for lack of funds.  Everyone is welcome.  


"Cara is truly a gifted meditation teacher.  Her teachings are so rich in information and she gives memorable things to take into my week.  I  notice I’m using more tools that she has taught us and I like that I have different types of meditations at my disposal that I hadn’t done before.  Cara’s voice is very soothing and her meditations aren’t too wordy or have other distractions that I’ve experienced before. Her style, knowledge and tools are amazing!!!  I can’t thank her enough and I look forward to learning from her  for many years to come! This class is excellent in all ways!!!"

 - Bette, CA

"I feel calmer and more centered, gentler on myself.   Cara has such a kind and lighthearted manner; it makes these tools so accessible and unintimidating.  It is a pleasure to be reminded what that's like.  Thank you so much to Cara for her guidance and wisdom and support."

 - Elisa, NY

"I use the tools she taught us everyday, it changed my life.  My favorite thing about the class was Cara’s casual nature and embracing individual differences."

 - Randy, CA

"I enjoy Cara’s class and the way she organizes it!  The meditation practices/techniques are tools that have helped me see a way to deal with difficult thoughts and emotions that I didn’t know how to handle before. This topic and the classes have me thinking about things with new insight- increased awareness."

 - Katherine, CA

"I have found more peace and identifying ways to incorporate the essence of meditation into my day-to-day actions. Joining this class was a perfect reminder of both how far I have come and also that there is always room for new exchanges with myself.  It was truly a gift to both participate and be witness to all the good things Cara has brought to her life. I enjoyed her smile and her excitement over the simple pleasures. I also appreciated her candor about her own journey and things which were hard or easy and that both were perfect without judgment."

 - Shannon, NC

"Cara made it a safe space with no pressure to do it the "right" way but to do whatever works for you and provided a bunch of options for people to try.  I have now adopted a new routine (at least during the week) of using her tools to transition from work mode to family mode and it appears to be working."

 - Greg, MA

"I appreciated Cara’s warm yet practical (just do it) approach. She  allowed for a nice balance of discussion, instruction, and group practice.  There was a nice flow to the class! I also really enjoyed meditating with the other people and hearing about their experiences. I didn't know how group meditation would feel, but I really enjoyed that aspect, like we were in this together. I even enjoyed that we were from different locations. I also appreciated that Cara clearly knew what she was doing/talking about, because she practices mindfulness meditation herself daily."

 - Gretchen, CA

"Cara’s mindfulness teaching changed my life. Every single day I use a special meditation technique I learned from her, and that alone has given me more balance, provided me with more peace, and made me more appreciative of the world we live in than I ever imagined was possible. I’m so grateful for Cara!"

 - David, WA

"I thought the class was great!  I loved how relaxed and comfortable it was…there was no pressure and no rights or wrongs.  Also, I really appreciate how it was donation-based and there was no pressure to get anything we couldn’t afford. I thank Cara for that.  My favorite things about the class were that it was experiential learning and also discussion based. It was really helpful to be able to open up to everyone and share our experiences altogether. I also loved how chill and open Cara was in class.  She really made everyone feel comfortable and feel like whatever they were feeling/doing was okay and validated. I also loved the post class emails with a guided meditation and notes from the class - this is always helpful!  I love the way it was set up! It was very enjoyable and easy to follow.  Now every time I spiral or find myself in a tough emotional thought I lean on my breath for support, and I take a minute to calm down. This has been really helping…I feel like I have learned a new way to respond to difficult moments."

 - Alexis, CT

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